Casselberry Building Department (2024)

1. Building Division | Casselberry, FL - Official Site

  • Email Building Division · Community Development. Email Community Development. Physical Address 95 Triplet Lake Drive Casselberry, FL 32707. Phone: (407) 262-7751.

  • The Building Division manages the construction or alteration of buildings and other structures erected within the City through the issuance of building permits.

2. FAQs • Building Permits -

3. Click2Gov Building Permit

  • Welcome to the City of Casselberry Building Permits. This service enables citizens and contractors to complete the most common steps in the building permit ...

  • Welcome to the City of Casselberry Building Permits.

4. Building | Seminole County

  • Seminole County Building Permits Online offers building permit information daily, seven days a week. Use this service to apply for permits, schedule inspections ...

  • Building Division website to locate forms and applications, flood information, ePlan log-in page, private provider information, contractor licensing, owner builder process, fee schedule, and calculators.

5. City of Casselberry, Florida - Roof Top Services

  • Contact: For questions regarding your permit, you can call the Building Department at (407) 262-7700 or email them at

  • If you’re looking for a laid-back lifestyle in a safe area, Casselberry, Florida is just the place for you. Located in the south of Seminole County

6. [PDF] City Of Casselberry Building Permit Application

  • 489 casselberry permit must be located in the process. Side building services accessible for all online permit applications and city of the property? Cookies to ...

7. Staff Directory • Casselberry • CivicEngage - CivicPlus

  • Contact Us. 95 Triplet Lake Drive. Casselberry, FL 32707. Phone: 407-262-7700 · More contact info > · Helpful Links · Building Permits · Pay Online · Recreation.

8. Click2Gov Building Permit - Select Permit

  • Select Permit. * = Required. * Search Method: Application Number, Address, Parcel Number, Name. Search Criteria. * Application Number: * Street Number:.

  • Click2GovBP

Casselberry Building Department (2024)
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