Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (2024)


Starfield boasts one of the coolest collection of ships in all of sci-fi gaming, but some ships are noticeably better than others.

To the surprise of nobody, your ship is a very important part of the Starfield experience. While you will inevitably cycle through quite a few ships during your time with the game, it helps to know what kind of endgame ships you’re ultimately looking for. That’s obviously what we’re here to look at today.

Before we dive into the good stuff, though, here are a few things to keep in mind:

– This list focuses on ships you can either purchase outright or acquire as a reward. While I occasionally mention customizing these ships, customizing and building ships is almost always your best option (or is at least an always viable alternative).

– I mention a few retailer locations throughout this article, but certain ship sellers’ inventories can be randomized in Starfield. As such, I’m including reported locations of some of these ships, but please note that these ships may be found elsewhere in your game.


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– Finally, I’m also including estimated prices for ships with retail price tags, but that price can be lowered based on your skills and other factors that can improve your relationship with certain retailers.

With that out of the way, here are some of the absolute best ships in Starfield:

Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (1)

15. Silent Runner

Carrying capacity is one of Starfield’s most valuable attributes. You’re going to be acquiring a ton of resources and items in this game, and many of them (at least the heaviest ones) will end up sitting in your ship’s cargo hold. That’s what makes the Silent Runner so valuable.

If there is a ship in Starfield with a higher base carrying capacity than the Silent Runner, nobody has found it yet. With a whopping 6080 Cargo Capacity, the Silent Runner allows you to basically forget about all of your weight limit concerns (at least when it comes to resources).

The bad news is that the Silent Runner doesn’t have much to offer beyond its incredible carrying capacity. It’s not that fast, it doesn’t do much in combat, and its fuel capacity is painfully low. Still, you can’t ignore the value of its carrying capacity (even if it’s sadly not shielded cargo capacity).

Where to Find Silent Runner – Silent Runner can be purchased at Hopetown HQ for 390,00 Credits.


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Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (2)

14. Wanderwell

The good news is that the Wanderwell is free, available from nearly the start of the game, and generally better than your other starting ship (the Frontier) in most major categories. The bad news is that you do need to pick the Kid’s Stuff Trait at the beginning of the game in order to unlock it.

Is it worth it? Well, there are certainly Traits that I prefer taking above Kid’s Stuff for the majority of the game, but I can’t deny that the extra carrying capacity is very nice to have during the early parts of the campaign. If you want a bigger ship as soon as possible, this is certainly an appealing option.

Where to Find Wanderwell – Choose the Kids Stuff Trait at the beginning of the game and visit your parents. They’ll give this ship to you.

Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (3)

13. Starborn Guardian

While the Starborn Guardian ship is far from perfect, its biggest downside is the fact you can’t acquire it until after you’ve “beaten” the game. If you really want to get the most out of this ship, you’ll beat the campaign as quickly as possible, start a New Game+ run, and use this ship to start exploring the galaxy.

If you’re willing to do that, though, then this ship does have a lot to offer. It’s fantastic in combat, it comes with Shielded Cargo capacity, it’s highly mobile, its Crew Capacity is respectable, and it’s the perfect choice for jumping between star systems. It’s not exceptional in any particular category (and you can’t upgrade it), but those who want to blaze through the game’s story will find that it’s a nice little reward.

Where to Find the Starborn Guardian – Beat the Starfield campaign and begin a New Game+ run. You’ll start that run with access to the Starborn Guardian.


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Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (4)

12. Stronghold

The Stronghold is a fascinating ship that does pretty much what you would suspect it would do based on the name. Actually, this is really one of the best “defensive” ships in the game, which is a quality that is easy to undervalue. However, having an unbelievably durable ship with a ton of shields and a nice amount of Cargo Capacity in your fleet does come in handy when you are just trying to hop around the galaxy and don’t want to worry about getting blown up.

While this ship’s gaudy price tag makes it a pure late-game option (and a niche/specialty one at that), it’s one of the more valuable behemoth vessels in the game for anyone scanning planets and hopping around the galaxy.If you’re willing to put up with its comical lack of mobility, you’ll find that it’s an incredible piece of hardware.

Where to Find Stronghold – You can buy the Stronghold ship for 400,125 Credits in Akilia City.

Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (5)

11. Vista III

If you’re looking for a “flagship” type vessel, you should definitely consider the Vista III. With its massive crew capacity (6 members), powerful weapon systems, substantial carrying capacity, and some of the best shields in the game, this is the kind of ship that you can always feel confident bringing into just about any situation.

Granted, this ship’s weak jump drive and lack of shielded cargo limit its initial versatility, but it’s easy enough to upgrade and is certainly a viable option until you can add a couple of things to it.

Where to Find Vista III – You can purchase the Vista III from a vendor in Neon for around 300,000 credits.


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Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (6)

10. Kepler R

The Kepler R is one of the best “free” ships in Starfield (even if you’ll likely not be able to use it as soon as you acquire it). It has a ton of crew and cargo capacity, powerful weapons, nice shields, and enough fuel capacity to keep you flying with only a modest amount of pit stops. It’s also visually absurd (which I mean in a good way) and fairly easy to upgrade/customize.

While this ship’s bulkiness limits its combat potential somewhat (and it doesn’t necessarily excel in any particular category), this is absolutely one of the best large ship options many players will find in the relatively early parts of the game. It offers something pretty close to a late-game option well before you reach that part of the experience.

Where to Find the Kepler R – The Kepler R can be acquired by participating in the “Overdesigned” quest. During that quest, choose the following options:

– “Larger Budget”

– Converse with the individual team members and support their plans while downplaying their opposition.

– Complete combat missions from the requested job board (do not choose non-combat options).

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– Select “Group Meditation” as a team-building exercise and always select the most positive and reaffirming dialog options during that sequence.

Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (7)

9. Razorleaf

There’s a strong case to be made that the Razorleaf is the best early ship in Starfield. Of course, how early you get it depends on your willingness to look up some spoilers and save scum your way through some tough early combat situations. If you’re bold, though, you can realistically acquire this ship as early as Level 10 (or so).

It’s honestly worth the effort. Not only is this a fantastic combat ship that boasts blazing speed, but the Razorleaf comes with a unique effect that causes many bandits to run away from it as soon as they spot it. Granted, its low cargo capacity is a real bummer (even if it does come with a small supply of Shielded Cargo), but you absolutely need to pick this one up as soon as possible.

Where to Find Razorleaf – The Razorleaf can be acquired by completing the hidden “Secret Outpost” quest. If you want a full walkthrough for this quest, be sure to check out this video guide.

Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (8)

8. Conquerer

Another entry in the “appropriate name” category, the Conquerer is one of the largest ships in the game and certainly one of the largest ships you can acquire at around the midway point. If sheer size is worth anything to you, the Conquerer has it.

While this ship’s combat abilities are relatively modest (though certainly capable enough), its massive fuel capacity, sizeable cargo hold, and ample space make it ideal for anyone looking to use their ship as a command center while exploring the galaxy. It’s certainly worth considering as soon as you have the credits for it.


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Where to Find Conqueror – You can purchase this ship at Stroud-Eklund Staryards for roughly 250,000 Credits

Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (9)

7. Vanquisher III

It’s bulky and it’s absurdly expensive, but if you’re ready to throw down a ton of credits on the massive star cruiser of your dreams, then you should definitely look at the Vanquisher III.

Capable of housing up to six crew members while still hauling a lot of ass and a ton of (non-shielded) cargo, the Vanquisher is one of the larger ships in the game that can still get around with relative ease. That makes it a fantastic option for anyone doing resource runs who doesn’t want to waste time reaching the furthest corners of the galaxy. Just keep an eye on its weaker shields during combat sequences.

Where to Find Vanquisher III – You can purchase this ship for around 490,000 Credits in New Atlantis.

Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (10)

6. Renegade III

The Renegade and Vanquisher actually share a few basic qualities. Both are absurdly expensive, both can house a ton of crew members, and both boast exceptional overall carrying capacity. The difference is that the Renegade is far more capable in combat while the Vanquisher can carry much more fuel and has better engines.

While I think the Renegade’s combat versatility makes it the better overall pick, that can obviously depend on your preferences, skills, and playstyle. Both are really, really, good endgame options for those looking for the absolute best pre-built endgame ships, though.


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Where to Find Renegade III – You can purchase Renegade III for around 490,000 Credits. While some players are reporting finding it through vendors on New Atlantis and Neon, it seems to be another randomized retail vessel.

Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (11)

5. Crimson Fleet Wight III

As one of, if not the, best Crimson Fleet ships in Starfield, the Wight is a miracle of ship design that offers more than enough incentive to pursue a pirate’s life for you.

The Wight is certainly one of the best defensive ships in Starfield (its shield and hull strength are insane), but it’s one of the few defensive ships that doesn’t make notable sacrifices in other key areas to attain its survivability. It has fantastic fuel and crew capacity, a decent cargo hold, and it will destroy just about anything in combat with relative ease. While its engines are a bit on the weaker side, that’s a negligible downside given what else this vessel has to offer.

Where to Find the Crimson Fleet Wight III – This ship can be purchased for around 300,000 Credits at The Key. You’ll need to be a member of the Crimson Fleet in order to buy it.

Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (12)

4. Shieldbreaker

As you’ve undoubtedly gathered from the name, the Shieldbreaker is indeed one of the best combat ships in Starfield. This thing simply melts enemy shields with its stunning laser weapons and impressive maneuverability.

What impresses me most about this ship, though, is that it’s not quite the glass cannon you think it would be. Its shields are nothing to write home about, but it’s maneuverable and sturdy enough for most fights. It even boasts surprisingly solid storage capacity. Explorers may want to look elsewhere, but this is a combat pilot’s dream come true.


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Where to Find Shieldbreaker – You can purchase Shieldbreaker for 250,000 Credits on New Atlantis.

Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (13)

3. Star Eagle

This is a truly insane ship that you can also acquire relatively early in the game (assuming that you’re okay with focusing on some faction side quests). In fact, it might be the first substantial ship upgrade that most players will be able to acquire.

With its powerful weapons, sturdy hall, impressive cargo capacity, and decent speed, the Star Eagle offers a solid spread of stats that you’ll have a hard time beating quite so early into the game. Granted, its jump capabilities are definitely on the weaker side, but it remains a fantastic option for quite some time.

Where to Find Star Eagle – You can acquire Star Eagle by completing the Freestar Rangers questline. The quest consists of about eight missions and can be started in Akila City as part of the main quest.

Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (14)

2. Narwhal

The Narwhal’s most notable downside is its high price tag. You won’t be able to get this until much later in the game, and when you do, you’re going to be weighing it against other options that may have more to offer in specific areas.

However, the Narwhal is an exceptional overall ship. Its top-tier hull strength and respectable shields keep it in the sky, while its powerful jump drives allow you to bounce around with ease. Even better, its already powerful combat abilities are bolstered by its shocking ability to house seven crew members at once. Stack this thing with crew members that can boost your overall ship capabilities, and you’re laughing. What few downsides this ship has are relatively easily covered up by a few basic upgrades.


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Where to Find Narwhal – The Narwhal can be purchased on Neon from Taiyo Astroengineering for around 455,000 Credits.

Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (15)

1. The Abyss Trekker

The thing that makes the Abyss Trekker so special isn’t necessarily its strengths but rather its relative lack of notable weaknesses. For instance, its carrying capacity is low, but you can easily make up for that with a couple of modifications. It’s not the fastest or the biggest ship, but it’s fast enough and big enough for most things you can reasonably expect to do in this game.

What matters most is the Abyss Trekker’s combat capabilities. You’ll have a hard time finding another ship that can destroy enemy vessels as quickly as this one, and you’ll certainly have a hard time making (or customizing) a ship with the Abyss Trekker’s combat capabilities for the same price. Those costly combat parts and this ship’s incredible jump capabilities make it

Where to Find Abyss Trekker – You can purchase the Abyss Trekker in Paradiso for around 365,000 Credits.


Best Starfield Ships: 15 Best Ships in the Game (2024)


What are the best ships in Starfield? ›

The best Starfield ships are the Abyss Trekker, Narwal, Razorleaf, Silent Runner, Star Eagle, Starborn Guardian, and Stronghold. Below we've gone into more detail about each of these ships and what makes them the very best.

What is the best first ship to buy in Starfield? ›

The Razorleaf is, by far, the best ship to get your hands on in the early-game. The Razorleaf doesn't have much to show for itself in the way of cargo capacity, but its base weapon set can shred through lower-level enemy ships.

What is the best ship weapon system in Starfield? ›

The Vanguard Obliterator Autoprojector is arguably the best ship weapon in the whole game, as it has such a high DPS and such a low unlock requirement. All you have to do is complete the first few UC Vanguard missions and then you can head to a ship technician to buy up six of these for your ship.

What is the biggest ship in Starfield? ›

Out of all the ships available, there is one more Hopetown vessel that is by far the greatest ship in Starfield for a player looking for a lot of cargo space. The Silent Runner looks almost identical to the Star Semi but comes with plenty of upgraded parts.

What's the best free ship in Starfield? ›

This list ranks all of those ships and informs you of where they can be found.
  • 8 The Dagger. ...
  • 7 The Razorleaf. ...
  • 6 UC Prison Shuttle. ...
  • 5 Wanderwell. ...
  • 4 Star Eagle. ...
  • 3 The Datura. ...
  • 2 Kepler R. ...
  • 1 Starborn Guardian. The Starborn Guardian is by far the best free ship in terms of combat abilities in Starfield.
Sep 26, 2023

What are the best skills in Starfield ship? ›

We feel that the best Starfield skills are Stealth, Commerce, Persuasion, Leadership, Ship Command, Ballistics or Lasers, Geology, Weapon Engineering, Boost Pack Training, Piloting, Security, Targeting Control Systems, and Starship Design.

What is the best paid ship in Starfield? ›

The Narwhal is arguably the best — and certainly one of the most expensive — ship in the entire game. Setting you back more than 400,000 credits, this class C blue beast is incredibly well-rounded and can jump up to 30 LY, so you can go wherever you like.

Can you get into Hank's ship Starfield? ›

You cannot enter Hank's ship. After dealing with Hank, whichever way you did, return to Trevor in Cydonia (you can use fast travel to speed things up, no need to walk all the way back!). You'll get your final rewards for this quest chain: A hefty sum of credits.

What is the cheapest ship in Starfield? ›

The cheapest ship available for purchase in the game is the Watchdog, manufactured by HopeTech, with a base price of 42000 credits.

What is the best ship reactor in Starfield? ›

The SF40 Sheared Flow reactor is arguably the best ship reactor that can be gotten throughout the Settled Systems of Starfield. It has a level requirement of 57 and a required piloting and starship design rank of four. The SF40 generates 40 power, the highest value any reactor in the game can generate.

What is the highest damage weapon in Starfield? ›

Magstorm is the best weapon in Starfield and number one in our Weapons Tier List due to its unmatched damage output and its availability right from the start of the game. Possessing a legendary variant of this gun grants you access to the mightiest power in the entire galaxy, literally at your fingertips.

Can you steal ships in Starfield? ›

To steal a ship in Starfield is a fairly simple process once you know how: Find the ship you want to steal and disable it in combat, using weapon targeting systems to specifically take out its engines without destroying it. At this point you should be able to board the disabled ship.

Who is the best ship manufacturer in Starfield? ›

The Nova Galactic Company is one of the most prominent ship manufacturers in the Settled Systems. They are best known for their work on some of the finest co*ckpits, habs, and structurals you can get your hands on in the Settle Systems.

What is the best class in Starfield? ›

Out of all the 21 different types available, our picks for the best Starfield backgrounds are the Combat Medic, the Ronin, the Bounty Hunter, the Industrialist and the Soldier.

Can you romance in Starfield? ›

Like many major RPGs, Starfield lets you fall in love with companions as you travel. Romance in Starfield serves many purposes beyond just roleplay, though: you'll get frequent gifts, unlock exciting new quests, and even net a large XP bonus that'll help you level up faster.

What is the best shield in Starfield? ›

The Assurance is the best C-class shield in Starfield and the best shield generator overall. It requires a max power of 12 and has a slow regeneration percentage of five percent. Obviously, the best shield generator in the game will require a lot of energy, so the maximum power stat is understandable.

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